The Severity of a Stressful Work Environment


Getting a job that not only matches the level of skills and the qualities you possess, but also helps you evolve into the best version of yourself is a very challenging yet important aspect of your career. Even though there are a lot of job opportunities available nowadays, getting a job with a stress free environment is still a trying task. There have been a lot of cases where the output and productivity of an employee has been affected due to the stressful environment present in the workplace.

This is not just because of the pressure of meeting the company standards or the basic office politics. One of the main reasons is that the employees often over exert themselves both physically and mentally while not thinking about the long term effects this stress can cause them. There have been many cases where an employee’s productivity decreases after a certain amount of time and it can rightly be attributed to the stress he faces, and it may not even exactly be related to the work he does, but the environment where he does it. Here are some stats that show the severity of the stress a normal employee faces while working in a tense atmosphere.

  • Around three hundred billion, is the price that some employers end up having to pay for stress related health care. 
  • 77% of employees experience physical symptoms regularly due the stressful environment they work in. One of the biggest problem is that 73% of them also experience psychological problems due to the stress they face in their workplace.
  • Also around 33% of employees consistently feel that they are living under extreme stress.
  • Also around 48% employees feel that their stress has increased in the past five years.
  • 38% of the employees admit the disastrous problem of lying awake due to stress. And it has also come to notice that work related stress doesn’t only creates havoc in the lives of various employees but their families too as 58% of them admitted that stress caused them to fight with the people close to them.
  • Also 60% of the employees were reported to be so unhappy that they were willing to change their entire careers.
  • 87% of the employees worldwide have admitted that they mostly feel disconnected to their work place and thus are less likely to be as productive as their true potential.

Lastly, and probably the most frightening statistic for employers, is that around 37% of the employees admit to being less productive and not reaching their full potential due to the fact that they did not know the proper ways to tackle their stress. Now that you know how severe a stressful environment can be on your employees, it is time to make a change. Keep the above mentioned statistics in mind, both the employers and employees should try to create the best and the most stress free environment to keep up the productivity!